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Who we are is an integral part of our mission –our team strives to consistently exceed your personal expectations for what a positive dental experience should be. Marietta Dental Works’ team is committed to serving you. From the first call, you will notice a difference at our office – we care about you, your children, your friends and your colleagues; we consider you our extended family. In our office, each patient is treated as an individual... we listen to your concerns and work with you to create a dental health plan that is consistent with your personal goals and values. After all, our clients are considered the core of everything we do and the reason for our practice.


We are available  Monday thru Wednesday 7:30am-5:00pm

Thursdays  7:30am-3:00 pm, and Friday  7:30a-12:00pm




In case of a dental emergency please call our office at 740.371.4659. If it is after hours, please listen to our message for instructions.


Insurance & Payment Procedures


We are in-network with Guardian, MetLife, United Concordia, Cigna,
Delta Dental and DenteMax/Coresource.


Dental care is an important part of your total health program. We believe that caring for your teeth is important to your overall health.


We know it can be very confusing for the patient to know what insurance will actually pay. We can review and provide you with service codes and information to guide you with your dental coverage. Please be aware that plans vary greatly. We will be glad to send in predeterminations for items such as Crowns, Bridges, Night Guards or removable appliances.


Upon treatment, a projection of your payment from your insurance company will be calculated. We will collect the co-pay portion at the time of service. This is a projection based on the best information we have at the time. It is possible to receive a statement afterwards if the fees are not covered in the projection.


For your convenience, we also accept major credit cards.

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Our Dental Services

John Frye grew up just outside of Marietta in Fleming, Ohio. He graduated from Warren Local High School and earned his bachelor’s degree in Economics from Denison University in Granville, Ohio.  In 2005, Dr. Frye graduated from The Ohio State University College of Dentistry.  He has practiced in Ohio ever since.


John maintains his associations with the ADA, ODA, and Muskingum Valley Dental Association. He is a member of the Cerec Mentor group, an exclusive community of highly skilled and knowledgeable dentists who train and coach other doctors on the use of technology in dentistry. Only 300 Cerec Mentors exist nationwide. Dr. Frye is proud to be one of these prestigious and highly skilled professionals.


Additionally, Dr. Frye donates his time to local schools providing screenings for free tooth sealants for many area children.


Welcoming New Patients to our Dental Family


The first visit for a dental patient will include x-rays and a comprehensive exam. This visit may be scheduled with Dr. Frye and his assistants. This is an important time for us to get to know you, address your dental concerns, and discuss your specific dental needs. All findings will be reviewed together and a treatment plan will be developed, including necessary and optional treatment.


Cleaning(s) will be scheduled following the initial visit once we know the type
of gum therapy you need. This could be a regular cleaning or a series of deep cleanings depending on the diagnosis of your gum (periodontal) health.

We strongly believe in education and prevention and will recommend specific home care instructions tailored to your specific needs.


We do our best to run on time. Help us by having your first visit forms filled out when you arrive.   Please download, print and complete our Welcome Packet.

One of Dr. Frye’s earliest achievements was becoming an Eagle Scout. His love of the outdoors remains and he, along with his wife, is instilling those values in his twin boys. As a family, they like to go trail biking, camping, on nature walks, and hiking. They love having lazy days, too, filled with movies and popcorn.


The Frye family attend St. Mary’s Basilica and have lived in Marietta for over eleven years.

Sons, Tyler and Max, keep them busy! Max plays golf and basketball and Tyler is running cross country and playing basketball, as well.




General Dentistry

Cosmetic Dentistry

Teeth Whitening



General dentistry includes the services you remember from going to the dentist.

Cleanings, X-Rays, Dr’s Exams and Fillings.

Cosmetic dentistry can help patients with:


•  Cracked teeth

•  Chipped or fractured teeth

•  Discolored teeth

•  Excess or uneven gum tissue

•  Missing teeth

•  Decayed teeth

•  Weakened teeth


Cosmetic dentistry includes veneers, dental implants, crowns, bridges and gum recontouring, and may also integrate other dental treatments such as white fillings, teeth whitening, and bonding.


At Marietta Dental Works, Dr. Frye offers advanced materials and techniques for our crown and bridge treatment

s. Today’s restorations can give you healthy teeth that last for years while looking completely natural.

Bleach Trays (Take Home)

Bleach trays are custom fit trays for your teeth that are fabricated from impressions taken at a short dental visit. They are lightweight and comfortable and can be worn at your convenience. You will be given bleach and instructions on how to properly use them.

With home-bleaching you are able to monitor your color and use when it's convenient for your schedule.


What are realistic expectations?

There is no given shade that whitening will guarantee! Every smile is different and the success rate depends on the type of stain. Yellow, orange and brown stained teeth will usually whiten up more than gray stained teeth.


Can I whiten my crowns, veneers or composite fillings?

No. Bleaching cannot lighten any artificial materials such as resins or porcelains.

Treatment with Traditional Crowns vs. Treatment with CEREC Crowns


In the past, restoring a tooth with a custom-made crown required at least two or sometimes three dental visits. In the first visit, the dentist would prepare the patient's tooth and begin designing their new restoration. Between visits, the patient would wear a temporary crown over their tooth while a dental lab created their permanent restoration.


When the patient's crown was finally complete, they would return to their dentist to have their temporary removed and their permanent one placed. If the patient's temporary happened to break or fall off before the permanent crown was complete, an unplanned emergency visit might be necessary to reattach the temporary or to put on a new one.


Now compare this with the process involved with a CEREC crown. The basic steps are the same, but treatment with a CEREC crown takes much less time to complete.


How much less?

Instead of requiring at least two office visits, a CEREC restoration can be designed, milled, and placed over the course of just a single visit.


At the beginning of your appointment, Dr. Frye will prepare your tooth and take a digital impression of it. This digital impression will help us design your final restoration and will be fed to the CEREC computer so work on your tooth can begin.


As you wait in our office, CEREC will begin milling your restoration from a block of durable porcelain. When it's complete, we'll make sure your crown has been properly crafted before cementing it into place over your existing tooth.


Would you like to learn more about CEREC crowns and how they're revolutionizing restorative dentistry? We would love to answer your questions. Call our Marietta, Ohio dental office to speak with a friendly member of our team. In addition to answering your questions, we help you understand your specific needs and the right course of action for addressing them.

Read More about CEREC

Good oral hygiene should always be practiced since the loss of a single tooth can have major impact upon your oral health and appearance.  Although we will use every measure to prevent tooth loss, there are sometimes occasions when a tooth may need to be extracted.

A tooth may need to be extracted if the following occurs:


     •  Severe decay

     •  Advanced periodontal disease

     •  Infection or abscess

     •  Orthodontic correction


After careful examination and treatment, our doctors may advise to have a tooth extracted. Before a tooth is removed, we will take an x-ray in order to understand the shape and position of the tooth and surrounding bone.


For a simple extraction, we will first apply a local anesthetic to prevent pain and discomfort. The tooth will be loosened with a tool called an elevator and then removed with dental forceps. Once the procedure is complete, the area may be closed with one or two stitches.


It is critical to keep the extraction area clean to prevent infection. We will provide you with dry, sterile gauze to bite down on for 30-45 minutes to limit bleeding while clotting takes place. For the next 24 hours, you shouldn't smoke, rinse your mouth vigorously, or brush teeth directly next to the extraction site.

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